Bertz Tattooing

Colourful tattoo designs

Tough Love

Our classic Tough Love tshirt featuring a print of our bold logo.

Cobweb Will

Bold and colourful
just the way we like it.

Teo Tattooing

Classic bold tattoo designs.

A Black Lining

A couple of years ago we started a project called Black Lining, where we make tattoo inspired wall art. The idea was to turn tattoo designs into tactile objects you can hang up on your wall. We started with designs from 2 or 3 artists, but after we got some traction we added more and more. Now we’ve featured over 20 artists world wide and our catalogue grew to over 80 unique and interesting designs. In november of 2019 we opened up a booth at The International Brussels Tattoo Convention, and put all our helpers in hoodies, sweatshirts and tshirts featuring our wall art designs. During those 3 days people weren’t only interested in the wall art, but also in the apparel, so we decided to expand the brand. Now 5 months later (april 2020), Tough Love Apparel is born.